R.E.C.L.A.I.M. the Promise of Public Education


My name is Angel L. Cintron Jr. I’m a third year DC Public Schools teacher at Charles Hart Middle School. I teach 7th grade social studies. I firmly take the pledge to R.E.C.L.A.I.M. the Promise of Public Education by elevating my “teaching game.”


REFLECT on my instructional practices, EVERY single day

I pledge to reflect on my instructional practices, and not rant about student misbehavior and parental non-involvement. I pledge to hold myself accountable for student academic growth.


EDUCATE every student, EVERY single day

I pledge to educate all students. I pledge to deliver high quality lessons and student-centered activities. I pledge to check for student understanding often, and align my lesson goals to rigorous standards.


COLLABORATE with colleagues, EVERY single day

I pledge to collaborate with every colleague, both within my school building and beyond. I pledge to use social networking to share ideas, lesson plans, and support fellow educators.


LEARN something new about teaching, EVERY single day

I pledge to learn, and use, effective instructional techniques. I pledge to learn new ways to engage students and parents.


ADVOCATE on behalf of my students, colleagues, and community, EVERY single day

I pledge to speak up education justice, and speak out against any social injustice. I pledge to stand up for my students, parents, colleagues, and community.


INITIATE the change I want to see in public education, EVERY single day

I pledge to actively participate in my local teacher’s union. I pledge to actively shape public education discourse.


MAINTAIN a positive outlook on public education, EVERY single day

I pledge to stay as positive as physically possible, even through the dog days of the school year.


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