Dear Education Reformers: A Thank You Letter From Any CEO in the Future


Dear Education Reformers,

I wish to sincerely thank you for your determination and resolve in implementing rigorous standards in computation and comprehension. Undoubtedly, my current staff is the smartest workforce I’ve ever employed. Each employee has remarkable mathematical computational skills. I’m simply amazed at the their ability to analyze complex manuals and technical reports. Although my staff is extremely productive, they lack a few essential skills, which I want to bring to your attention so you may improve your current agenda.

Concern #1:

Although my current staff can perform mathematical computations with the best of them, I find they’re extremely introverted. There’s no doubting my staff’s ability to “crunch the numbers.” Every time I assign them a task, they create excellent excel spreadsheets. Although they’re gifted with numbers, they lack the ability to effectively communicate or present their reports. Could you incorporate more public speaking courses in your current agenda?

Concern #2:

Although my staff can definitely analyze a variety of complex reports, but I find that they argue with each other more than collaborate on group projects. Sadly, when we hold a project management meeting my staff spends far too much time arguing trivial nuances. Even though their ability to cite evidence is second to none, they struggle with finding a common ground during open discussions. Often times, my veteran project managers have to serve more as a referee than a professional supervisor. Again, although they’re extremely bright, they often lack the ability to communicate effective, especially during meetings. Could you incorporate more group collaborative skills in your current agenda?

Concern #3:

Although my staff has excellent analytical skills, their creativity and social-emotional skills are severely lacking. By and large, my employees lack the ability to deal with job-related stress in a healthy way. Unfortunately, many of my employees seem to become extremely frustrated when they’re instructed to “think outside of the box.” This often leads to mini-breakdowns and unprofessional “fits of rage.” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never seen such a talented bunch of workers with an amazing ability to analyze materials, however, I find their social emotional IQ non-existent. Is their any way you can incorporate social emotional learning into your current agenda?

Concern #4:

Although my staff is extremely productive, almost all of them live an unhealthy lifestyle. I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen so many young, talented professionals so overweight and “out of shape.” Even though this doesn’t pose a financial burden on my company, I worry that they spend far too much time sitting down than engaging in physical activities. As much as I appreciate their productivity, I can’t help but fear for their physical health. Is their any way to incorporate physical education in your current agenda?

Concern #5:

Although my staff is among the brightest in this United States, their lack of world geography and historical-cultural context is appalling. As you already know, we continue to live in an interconnected global society. Often times, my company must send employees to many countries. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cringed when I over hear some of my employees try to guess a country’s location. If they don’t even know a country’s location, how will they even know its local customs? As much as I love their productivity, a global economy requires global historical knowledge. Is there any way to incorporate more social studies and cultural studies in your current agenda?

Again, I wish to sincerely thank you for implementing the college and career readiness standards for computation and comprehension. There’s no doubt that my company’s productivity and profits are a direct result of these rigorous standards. That said, I worry that if you don’t incorporate more cognitive, collaborative, and creative skills in your current reform agenda, then I, and my fellow future CEO’s, will need to hire more organizational psychologists and social workers to address the gap in our workforce’s social-emotional skills.


A. C. Future

Any CEO in the Future


One thought on “Dear Education Reformers: A Thank You Letter From Any CEO in the Future

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