Student Slang 101


Slang has been around for decades. Although it’s common among teenagers, it has evolved since my generation. As a teacher, I hear student slang throughout the entire school day. As a result, I’ve complied a short list of high frequency words and phrases used this year:


bob: Although it’s real name, in the traditional sense, it’s a generic term used to address anyone – male or female.


Student-to-student: “Come on bob, we’re gonna be late,” or “bob, let me borrow that pencil.”


guh: This term is a “verb.” It’s often used to describe “frustration or embarrassment.”


Student-to-teacher: “Do we have school next _________________?”

Teacher-to-student: “Yes.”

Student-to-student: “Ha, you(‘re) guh.”


kill: This term describes something that’s boring or too much work.


Teacher-to-class: “I want everyone to study for this Friday’s chapter ______ exam.”

Random student: “kill!” or “kill, bob!


mo: This is another generic term used to address anyone – male or female.


Student-to-student: “mo, stop tapping on your desk!” or “get out of my way, mo!”


pressed: This term describes someone who is eager for, or excited about, something.


Student-to-teacher: “Mr./Ms./Mrs. _____________ here’s my homework.”

Student-to-student: “Damn, you(‘re) pressed to turn that in.”


that’s dead: Similar to kill, this term describes something this seems boring or too much work.


Teacher-to-class: “Make sure to pick up your homework before you leave today.”

Random student: “that’s dead!”


thought it wa(s): This phrase, via Chief Keef, is a “comeback line” to anyone who expects an outcome.


Teacher-to-student: “_________________ I need you to take off that headband.”

Student-to-teacher: “you thought it wa(s).”


wellin’: This term is like “pressed.” It’s used to describe someone who is expecting an outcome.


Teacher-to-student: “_________________, it’s against school policy to have a cellphone in school.”

Student-to-teacher: “Ya teachers be wellin’.”


ya doin’ too much: Students often use this phrase.


Teacher: “________________, I need you to turn to page ______.”

Student: “Ya teachers be doin’ too much!”


Although this list of words or phrases isn’t exhaustive, it represents the most commonly used terms. In fact, not a single day goes by without hearing any, or all, of these words or phrases. A lot has changed since I was in middle school, but slang definitely tops the list. It goes to show, as people – and generations – evolve, so too does the use of slang.


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