Should a parent go to jail for This?

Today, I learned about two “education theft” cases where a parent, Kelley Williams Bollar, served nine days in jail, and a set of parents, Hamlet and Olesia Garcia are facing up to seven years in prison. I’m ashamed I wasn’t aware of this problem before today – January 25th. However, now that I’m aware this practice exists, I’m utterly appalled. For the life of me, I cannot contemplate any justifiable reason a municipality would seek to send parents to jail/prison for the so-called education theft offense. Is this how an advanced civilization conducts itself?


Hamlet and Olesia Garcia

I want you to read about these parents’ current ordeal, and I challenge you to walk away without feeling a sense of frustration and bewilderment. This seems like it can happen in any town, USA. In fact, it could even happen to you. You can find their story here.

Now, I want you to imagine that you’re the Garcias?

What if you separate from your partner, and as a result, you move back to your parents’ house. As part of this move, you must enroll your child, who is starting school for the first time, in the neighborhood school. Seems more than plausible, right?

Now, as time passes, you and your partner reconcile differences, and you decide to move back into your home. But, by this time, the school year is coming to a close, and you really don’t want to disrupt your child’s first year of school. So, you decide to let him or her finish the remaining quarter of the school year. No problem, right?

Believe or not, it is!

Not only is it a problem, but now you’re facing third degree felony charges for committing “education theft.”

Yes, education theft! Can you believe it?

Well, it’s true. It was true for Kelley Williams Bollar, and it’s true for Hamlet and Olesia Garcia. Ladies and gentlemen, what’s the purpose of jailing a parent or parents for this so-called crime? What’s the purpose of ripping a family apart to “prove a point?” How have we become so heartless? Is this American justice at its finest?

I truly hope it’s not.

Sign the Petition to “Drop Criminal Charges Against Garcia’s for Kindergarten “Education Theft?”


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