Student Slang 102


As a follow-up to the first version, here are a few more slang words and phrases that students use throughout the school day:


jonin: This term has replaced “dissin’ / dissing” from yesteryear’s slang.


Student-to-student: “Your sneakers are dirty.”

Student reply: “I know you’re not jonin’!


dry: This term describes something or someone that’s boring.


Scenario: A student walks into a classroom to ask a teacher something. Upon entering, the student looks around and notices that everyone is working. The student may say aloud, “this classroom is dry.”


turn up: This term describes a student’s, or group of students’, intent on having a good time (rowdy).


Teacher-to-class: “Since I’ll be absent tomorrow, you’ll have a substitute.”

Random student: “Turn Up!


real live: A student uses this phrase when he or she is “serious” about something.


Scenario: A student takes something from another student without asking permission first. The student may reply, “yo, real live stop taking my $#!@.” NOTE: “live” rhymes with “five” and not “give.”


on who?: A student uses this phrase when asking someone “who do they swear their claim/statement on?”


Student-to-student: I bet you can’t beat me in a race.

Student reply: “On who I can’t beat you?”


have to see me: A student uses this phrase as a reference to fighting.


student-to-student: “If he/she don’t stop running his/her mouth, then he/she is going to have to see me.”


Once again, slang is constantly evolving. Although it changes often, it’s always a good idea to learn the terms and phrases our students use, even if it’s slang. Some terms or phrases may offer you the insight to manage a situation, before it reaches the point of conflict or confrontation.


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