Knowledge is Power, but Learning is Personal.

Personalized learning allows for each student to learn at his or her own pace. It provides me the opportunity to target instruction and assessment. This model ensures equity in education.

Many of my middle school students have large academic achievement deficits. As a 2014 CityBridge Education Innovation Fellow, I want to give them personalized instruction via online instruction, such as noredink, curriculet, exitticket, etc. They deserve a quality education.

I have the privilege of teaching 7th grade students at a Title 1, economically disadvantaged D.C. Middle School. My students face a great deal of challenges, but are some of the most resilient kids I’ve ever met. Although they are “rough around the edges,” I have a great connection with many of them. In fact, I consider them my children. I often advocate for them, as I firmly believe they deserve a quality education and personalized instruction.

I’ve started curating various online programs that target specific skills, such as reading comprehension and grammar. I will use blendspace to create a playlist for my students. With this program, and with a 1:1 laptop ratio, using the 4 Acer Chromebooks I am requesting, my students will be able to work on their own pace. In addition, I will be able to analyze the data on a more specific and meaningful level. Students will use the daily tasks and complete them, as they progress along specific learning pathways. Although I teach social studies (ancient civilization), I will use resources that offer historical context, as well as develop fundamental skills (i.e. reading comprehension and grammar).

Without a doubt, personalized learning (blended learning) is a game changer in education. This project will give my students with the opportunity to receive the best available educational online resources, to date. Although they have grave academic deficits, they can benefit greatly from personalized instruction.

Can you help make this goal a reality? If so, follow this link:

Your contribution is much appreciated!


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