(Unofficial) DCPS Feeder Patterns & 2013 School Classification (Index Score)

Updated Version:

In order to provide clarity, and thanks in large part to feedback, I’ve eliminated the “Focus” classification, which is a special classification, and not necessarily tied to a school’s index score. Therefore, the new color-coded map (below) accounts for schools’ index scores, alone.

Unofficial DCPS School Boundary & 2013 School Index Score (1)






One thought on “(Unofficial) DCPS Feeder Patterns & 2013 School Classification (Index Score)

  1. Thanks for updating the graphic so we get a better picture of feeder school scores.
    There are still related issues of variations in grades — in particular, OSSE chooses to publish one score for Education Campuses that cover pre-school thru eigth grade. For comparability, it would be better to provide two scores for such schools at minimum – one for elementary grades 3-5, then a second for 6-8th. Then the picture of feeders to high schools would be clearer.
    Of course the whole representation and its relation to ‘feeders’ being associated with a geographic area needs further analysis because most DCPS schools have significant proportions of out-ot-boundary enrollees.

    But this graphic improvement is a good first step

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