Piloting Innovation: A Personalized Learning Video Game Design Model

Blended Teaching DC

As a 2014 CityBridge Education Innovation Fellow, I’ve learned a lot about blended learning and personalized learning during this yearlong fellowship. I’ve come across a variety of education-based technological tools, such as browser-based content sites and digital-based content programs. Some edtech tools are great; while others are not. One program that shows great potential is Globaloria, a scripted video game programming curriculum via Adobe Flash CS 6 Action Script 3.0. Currently, I’m piloting this innovative coding program across two classes, during the first semester of school.

Although we’re still very much in “piloting” mode, I’ve decided to implement a personalized learning model as my main instructional approach. I decided to focus more time creating digital-based lessons, through a four-step digital lesson design process, and not rely upon traditional whole class instruction. This instructional shift has allowed me to avoid teaching to the proverbial “middle.”

The four-step digital lesson design process:


Step 1: Record…

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