Can Blended Help Close the Gap?

Blended Teaching DC

Through my experiments with blended learning this year, I’m re-engaging my students and revitalizing my practice. And, for the first time, I actually trust that meaningful, targeted differentiation (that’s also sustainable for teachers) isn’t just a myth. In short – I’m a believer. There is the potential for a real game changer here—a game changer our students at the wrong end of the opportunity gap desperately need.

Still, at the margins of that excitement, I’m feeling something uncomfortable creeping in.

Is it coincidence that the majority of the case studies I read about blended learning implementation seem to be taking place in low-income communities, often as part of a school turnaround program? Is it coincidence that most of the schools I’ve visited where blended learning is taking place are schools that serve predominately students of color?

I can’t tell if there’s a real or simply imagined correlation here (I hope others will…

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