How #blendedlearning can upgrade the traditional public education “operating system.”

Blended Teaching DC

The traditional education operating system has remained relatively unchanged for over one hundred years. The way we “do” school – one teacher and twenty-five plus students within a classroom for a fixed amount of time – is still the primary instructional model used throughout the American public education system. Worse still, we rely heavily on printed materials, such as textbooks and worksheets, for instruction, as if the information age doesn’t exist. Although all of us live, play, and work within a technologically dependent world, we’ve yet to modernize our public education system. It’s almost as if we’re still “stuck” in the past.

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The traditional public education operating system depends heavily upon a twentieth century business management practices. For example, at the top are the district leaders, followed by superintendents, administrators, instructional coaches, and finally, the teachers. Although the teachers are the most important actors, in terms of delivering instruction and assessing student…

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